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Kalina's Stud Boys >>


BENTLEY (Rustys Totoro) >>

Thank you Rusty Amber Labradoodles for this super cute boy (Rustys Totoro).  We love his markings and are have fallen in love with his temperament.   He is making an awesome 4 legged brother to his human siblings.  Beautiful puppies ahead in 2022 with this handsome dood.


Breed - Australian Labradoodle AL

Colour/Coat - Black Parti / Fleece

Size - Medium

Date of Birth: 17/10/20 

Sire - Jajaca Timmy

Dam - Caralee Blue Bell

Health Test Results:

PennHIP:  0.31 ;  0.49

AVA Hips & Elbows - Hips - 6+5=11   Elbows: 0+0

DNA: PRA Carrier



OSKAR (Kalinas Marc Jacobs) >>

A stand out boy with beautiful white abstract markings.  He is true to the labradoodle nature of fun loving, loyal, intuitive and a very happy boy.  He lives with his guardian family close by  with one of our retired boys.  Welcome to our program Oskar, we can't wait to see your babies.

Date of Birth: 21/10/2022

Breed: Australian Labradoodle - AL

Colour -Red Abstract - Bbee

Pied -S/sp Carrier of Piebald gene

Coat - Fleece

Size - Medium - 18 inches

Health Test Results:

PennHIP -  R - 0.40,  L - 0.38    Elbows: 0+0

AVA Lavelle - 3+3=6

DNA - Clear



FINN (Kalinas Mister Finntastic) >>

This handsome boy is Chocolate Brindle but so far has kept alot of his chocolate colouring.  Finn lives with Rosie, who is one of our retired girls.   He is loved by his family and ours. 

Proven Stud with TCI


Size - Medium

Date of Birth - 12/3/20

Breed - Australian Labradoodle AL

Coat - Fleece

Colour - bbEe - Chocolate

DNA - ay/at, KB

Dam - Kalinas Ruby Red Shoes

Sire - Rustys Buster Brown

Health Test Results:

PennHIP:  0.39 ;  0.37

AVA Hips - 5+2=7 Elbows: 0+0

DNA: Clear



BLUE (Kalinas True Blue) >>

Blue is the Chris Hemsworth of Australian Labradoodles with an awesome red, fleece coat and the sweetest personality to match.   Blue turns heads wherever he goes and is so friendly and playful.   Blue has grown up in his guardian family with 3 siblings... 4 boys in this family now, what an awesome home for Blue.   Frozen semen  available only as Blue has retired.

Date of Birth: 8/6/2018

Breed: Australian Labradoodle - AL

Colour -Red - Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size -  Standard - 23-24 inches

Health Test Results:

PennHIP -  Right 0.26,  Left: 0.15

AVA Lavelle - Hips 3+2=5   Elbows 0+0

DNA -   Clear by Parentage

Pedigree - 


MARTIN (Rustys Butch Cassidy) >>

Martin has joined our program from Rusty Amber Labradoodles and he is a standard boy.  He is living close by with his guardian family and shares his land with llamas's and chickens.    He has a beautiful gentle nature with a fun loving spirit so typical of our labradoodles.  Frozen Semen available only as Martin has retired.


Date of Birth:  1/2/18

Breed: Australian Labradoodle - ALF3

Colour - Chocolate - bbEe

Size - Standard - 21.5inches 

Coat: Curly Fleece/Wool 

Health Test Results: 

AVA Lavelle - 5+4 = 9

PennHIP - R 0.33 L 0.21

DNA - Clear



FELIX (Bellissimo Felix the Dog) >>

This boy  joined us from Bellissimo Labradoodles and is living with his guardian family not too far away.   From the moment we collected him little Felix was a relaxed fella and would fall asleep on his back in your arms.   We are really looking forward to sharing his journey with our guardian family.   Frozen semen available only as Felix has retired.

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF3

Date of Birth: 07/08/2017

Colour: Caramel - bbee

Coat:  Curly Fleece/Wool

Size:  Medium - approx 18-19 Inches, 17kg

Health Test Results:

PennHIP: R 0.39,  L 0.39

AVA Lavelle - Hips 5+4=9   Elbows 0+0

DNA: Clear

Coat Furnishings:  FF +/-


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