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Upcoming Planned Litters

Millie & Finn - Dec 24

Millie and Finn.png
Standard sized Labradoodles - mid December 2024

Dam:  Kalinas Cinnamon Kisses  (aka Millie)

Sire:  Kalinas Mister Finntastic  (aka Finn)

Puppies:  Standard Sized Labradoodles (21-30kg)

A repeat litter planned from early in 2024.  This pair made beautiful natured puppies dressed in chocolate and cream fleece coats.    Their first litter was so good, we had to plan a repeat.  

Georgie & Martin - early 25 

Geiorgie and Martin.png
Standard sized Labradoodles - early 2025

Dam:  Kalinas Idol  (aka Georgie)

Sire:  Rustys Butch Cassidy  (aka Martin)

Puppies:  Standard Sized Labradoodles (21-30kg)

This will be Georgie's (Kalinas Idol) first litter.  We have chosen Martin as her partner, he is a  standard sized boy with a wool coat. He has produced beautiful puppies for us in the past.   A litter of chocolate curly coated, standard sized labradoodles in early 2025.

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