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Extremely clever, sociable, comical, joyful, energetic when free;  soft, quiet and responsive when handled. They should approach people in a happy friendly manner, keen and easy to train. They should display an intuition about their family members or handler’s current emotional state or needs. This ability to “know” is what has made the Australian Labradoodle an excellent dog for individuals with special needs.


The Australian Labradoodle is adaptable and remarkably unstressed.  They get on well with children and their calm, loving temperament makes them a great choice for older owners so long as they get regular exercise


Labradoodle Coats

Labradoodle coats are divided into three categories, with wool and fleece coats being allergy friendly:  wool  - like lambs wool in texture with a looser spiraling wool; fleece - soft texture like an angora goat with a straight wavy look or soft curls;  hair - a hair coat will shed to varying degrees and can have an odour, these coats are more common in early generation labradoodles.  


Labradoodle Coat Colours

Labradoodle coat colours include chalk, chocolate, cafe, parchment, cream, gold, apricot, red, black, silver, sable, phantom and parti.  These make a wonderful rainbow of doodle colours. 


Labradoodle Sizes


  • Height at wither: 53cm to 63cm (21 to 24 inches) 

  • Weight: 23kg to 30kg 

  • The ideal size for the female is 21 to 23 inches and the male is 22 to 24 inches.


  • Height at wither: 43cm to 52cm (17 to 20 inches)

  • Weight: 13kg to 20kg

  • The ideal size for the female is 17 to 19 inches and the male is 18 to 20 inches.


  • Height at wither: 35cm to 42cm (14-16 inches)

  • Weight: 7kg to 13kg. 


Parent Breeds

In 1997 the very first Australian Labradoodle breed standard was written.  Although the labradoodle was originally a cross between a poodle and a labrador, today more parent breeds have been infused to enhance colours, sizing, retriever qualities and boning structure without effecting the allergy friendly coats.  These parent breeds can include - Poodle (standard, miniature, toy), Labrador Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, American Cocker Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel. 

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