Kalina Labradoodle's Puppy Adoption Process>>


If you would like to adopt a Kalina Australian Labradoodle Puppy please complete our application form.  We do ask a few questions, but when you join a waiting list for an upcoming litter, this information enables us to best match a puppy to your needs.  Email us on the link below and we will email or post a form to you.  

Our breeding program is focused on careful selection of genetic health, strength and temperaments with a focus on fun loving, happy, confident, extremely clever and intuitive companion, assistance and breeding dogs who are easy to train.


Our litters are lovingly and carefully raised in our home by our family, so our puppies are ready for your family. Our goal is to breed healthy, happy, intelligent, Australian Labradoodles with low to non-shedding coats in fleece or wool.    The low/non-shedding fleece and wool coats in the Australian Labradoodle are considered allergy friendly with a low doggy odour.  


Our puppies are $3150* (inc GST) regardless of gender, colour or size.   They are desexed, received 1st vaccination, wormed every fortnight from 2 weeks, health checked, microchipped, well socialised and have been registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association.   We have a 2 year health guarantee for inheritable conditions that are life inhibiting.   You will receive a full pedigree and detailed notes for your puppy on feeding, health, exercise, training and grooming tips and a lifetime of support from Kalina Labradoodles.  *prices are subject to change and undergo an annual revenue.


Once you have sent us your application form and you/we have chosen an upcoming litter that will be most suitable, you are placed on our waiting list and we will keep you updated with confirmed pregnancy information, pregnancy x-rays and the arrival of the litter.    Once we know that we can offer you a puppy from this litter there is a $500 non refundable deposit payable by the time the pups are 3 weeks of age.    If circumstances change, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible, before the puppies are 5 weeks and we can move you onto a another waiting list.    This allows us time to allocate a new family to this pup.       


We will keep you updated with lots of photos and/or videos each week of the puppies via our social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram.   Allocations of puppies to families often do not occur until the pups have had their first health check and vaccinations at 6 weeks of age.  This is an ideal age to match temperament with families due to the social and physical development of the litter and to possibly choose a breeding quality puppy to be retained for our program.  This can sometimes depend on where you are placed on the waitlist.      At this time you can visit if you live nearby to meet and cuddle your new family member.  Visits to your puppy can only be arranged from around 5/6 weeks as the health and well being of the puppy is our priority. 


Final payment of $2650 is required in full before your puppy is ready to join his or her new family at 8 weeks of age.   We are able to arrange  transportation for your new family member to airports across Australia at your cost.  We will provide you with a quote if required. 

Health Guarantee>>

All of Kalina Labradoodle's breeding dogs are fully health tested following the requirements of the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA).   Please see our Our Breeding Dogs Page for full details of the DNA Tests and Tests for hip and elbows. 


The results of these tests allow us to make informed decisions on breeding pairs to ensure our puppies are healthy.    Because of these tests, Kalina Labradoodles can offer a 2 year Health Guarantee for life inhibiting genetic and hereditary health conditions.   Our support is ongoing and we are happy to assist where possible.    Please ask for a copy of our Health Guarantee Contract. 


Guardian Family>>

From time to time we will have an exceptional puppy from a litter that is an excellent example of the Australian Labradoodle Breed Standards, or that might bring in new hybrid vigour or to expand our breeding program.   As Kalina Labradoodles does not operate kennels, and we already have 3 beautiful Australian Labradoodles living with us, we choose to home our other breeding dogs with carefully chosen guardian families who live within a 20-30 minute drive of Samford.  Our  guardian families provide the love and care in a home environment, that our Labradoodles deserve.   The girls come back to Kalina around 5-7 days before puppies are due and stay with us until the puppies are weaned. Our stud boys remain in our program for 5 years. 


 If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Family, please feel free to contact us for more information.