Kalinas Retired Dogs.......


MURPHY at Kalina Labradoodles >> Retired in 2020

(Prefix withheld)

This boy is handsome with a capital "H" and we just love him.  Murphy has a beautiful friendly nature, quietly confident in himself and a proud young dog.   His guardian family love him and he is a star at weekly dog obedience classes and  loves a good swim in the creek afterwards.   Murphy's stellar nature will help create some fantastic puppies.  Proven stud with live covers.

Breed: Standard Poodle

Colour: Cream

Size: Standard

PennHIP:  R 0.44,  L 0.42

AVA: Hips 6+6=12  Elbows 0+1  DNA: Clear 


SHERLOCK (Kalinas Rio Gold) >> Retired in 2020

This little dude is a chilled puppy and is from Rustys Dilkara and Nicnak Paddy Whack's litter.   He has a gorgeous fleece coat in a gold colour and we can't wait to see him all grown up.   Sherlock visits lots of people with his family and he is always demonstrating his amazing manners and good looks.   

Date of Birth:  21/8/2016

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF3

Colour: Gold - Bbee

Coat: Fleece

Size: Miniature - 41cm (16 inches) 

Health Test Results:

PennHip:  L 0.53, R 0.50

AVA (Rawlinson): Hips 6 + 4 = 10; Elbows 0+0

DNA:  Clear

CHERRY (Kalinas Cherry Kisses)>> Retired in 2020

Cherry is from Ellie's first litter and she is an absolute mini-me of Ellie.   Cherry is full of life and happiness with a dash of labradoodle cheekiness.     She lives with her guardian family not too far from us so we hope to see her regularly and be able to post lots of updates.

Date of Birth:  22/12/16

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF3

Colour: Black

Coat: Fleece

Size: Large Standard - 24 inches.

Health Test Results:

PennHip:  R 0.23; L 0.34   AVA Lavelle:  1+1=2   DNA:  Clear 

ELLIE (Bellissimos Raspberry Kisses)>> Retired in 2020

This beautiful girl has joined our family and we have been unable to let her go.  Ellie has bought so much joy and fun times to our family (and the occasional requirement for new shoes and shower sponges!)   She comes from Bellissimo Labradoodles and we are so very grateful to Penny and her amazing breeding program for producing this life loving girl.  


Date of Birth: 28/7/15

Dam: Ahgunyah Raspberry

Sire: Bellissimo Pumba

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF2

Colour: BbEe  - Black

Coat: Fleece

Size: Standard - 22.5 inches

Health Test Results:  

PennHip: .36, .36 = 90th %  Elbows: 0+0  DNA:  Clear


HARLEY (Bellissimo Cafe Tango) >>
Retired 2020

We are sharing this gorgeous boy Harley with Bellissimo Labradoodles.    Harley is true to the labradoodle temperament - sociable, energetic, keen to learn and so loving of his family.  He enjoys a wonderful life on acreage with horses for playmates.  


Date of Birth:  27/01/2015  

Dam: Rustys River Dance

Sire: Jajaca Griffin                                                                          

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF2

Colour: bbEe - Chocolate Cafe

Coat: Fleece

Size: Medium, 20 inches.

HealthTest Results: 

DNA - Clear    AVA Hip 2+3=5   Elbows  0+0  PennHip - L0 .44, R 0 .54  

LUCY (Kalinas Lucy Lou)>>  Retired 2019

From Rustys Gypsy Lou's retirement litter comes Kalinas Lucy Lou.   We love her adventurous and curious spirit and she seeks the company of her human family.   This is one cute little girl and we are so excited that she is living with her guardian family not too far from us.  


Date of Birth: 13/2/16

Dam: Rustys Gypsy Lou

Sire: Jajaca Rex

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF2

Colour: Cream Bbee

Coat: Wool

Size: Medium - 18 inches / 14 kg

Health Test Results:

PennHip: R 060 ,  L 0.59

DNA:   Clear

AVA: Hips 5+4=9       Elbows. 0+0


PAIGE (Bellissimo Hocus Pocus)>>

Retired 2019

Paige is from Bellissimo Labradoodles and she lives with her family north of Brisbane.     Paige has 2 siblings of the 2 legged variety who love her dearly and we love receiving photos from Paige's guardian family of her enjoying family life - out for walks, playing with the sprinkler, lying flat out watching TV with the kids and enjoying a coffee at a Cafe.    We think she is going to make a great mum and look forward to the end of 2018 when we expect some of her puppies.   Paige is an Origin Labradoodle from a Labrador dam and a Poodle sire.  

Date of Birth:  7/4/16

Breed: Australian Labradoodle L01

Colour: Black

Coat: Hair

Size: Standard

Health Test Results:  OFA Hips - Good.  Elbows -Normal

DNA: PRA Clear

MAGGIE (Kalinas Maggie Mae)>> Retired 2019 


Maggie is growing up with a Guardian Family with 4 children who love her and are all involved in her training and care.    She takes after her mum with a sweet nature and is a great family wonderful companion.   Maggie is striking with her white abstract markings set in a golden fleece coat.


Date of Birth:  30/6/2015

Dam: Amalie Diamonds in the Rough

Sire: Amalie Solomon

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF3

Colour: bbee - Cream Abstract

Coat: Fleece

Size: Medium - 18 inches

Health Test Results:  PennHip :90th  Percentile,  .32  .35  

AVA 2+1= 3   Elbows: 0+0   



MATILDA (Kalinas Mirrhi) Retired 2019

Matilda is a lucky little girl who resides with cat siblings and a family that love and adore her.  She is a quick learner and has a beautiful friendly nature, she lives with 2 cat siblings, loves her walks and enjoys a coffee at cafe's with her mum.  

Date of Birth:  20/2/2015

Dam:  Rustys Gypsy Lou

Sire: Jajaca Jaimee

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF3

Colour: bbEe -   Cafe

Coat: Fleece

Size: Small Medium (43cm / 16.5 inches).   9kg

Health Test Results:  PennHip - 90th Percentile .32, .32.  AVA  2+2=4

Elbows: 0+0.  PrcdPRA: Clear 



JAKE (Kalinas Daydreamin') >>

Jake represents an entirely new bloodline for the Australian Labradoodle and we are excited for his future in our program.    He is living with his guardian family and is a lucky boy who loves a play in his big back yard.   Welcome to the Kalina Family Jake.   Proven stud, AI and live cover.

Breed: Australian Labradoodle LO1p

Date of Birth: 21/9/17

Colour: Cream - Bbee

Coat: Curly Fleece 

Size: Standard - @ 12 months - 23kg and 22 inches

Health Test Results: 

AVA Lavelle - Hips 2+3=5   Elbows  0+0

PennHIP - R 0.25,  L 0.25

DNA - Clear

Coat Furnishings - FF +/+


JESSIE (Bellissimo Sweet Talker)>>

Retired 2019

Introducing Bellissimo Sweet Talker (aka Jessie). Jessie is an Origin Labradoodle, first cross from Labrador mum and Poodle dad. Huge thanks to Bellissimo Labradoodles in Rockhampton for letting us share in these new bloodlines.  She has an outstanding temperament, happy with playful energy.   Jessie lives not too far from us, and she loves life with her family - 2 kids and 2 more doggy friends.    Jessie has a hair coat which looks a little shaggy with the coat growing at different lengths, this is very typical of an Origin Labradoodle.   

Date of Birth: 16/4/2016

Breed: Australian Labradoodle Origin LO1

Colour: Cream

Coat: Hair

Size: Standard

Health Test Results: 

PennHip: R 0.18, L 0.17

AVA:Hips  3+4=7   Elbows 0+0

DNA:  Clear results 

Pedigree:  available on request.   

BERNIE (Kalinas Princess Bernie)>>

Kalinas Princess Bernie will carry the Phantom colour gene.  Full of joyful energy which she shares with her sibling Betty.  Follow them on Insta: bernieandlilbett.   She has produces beautiful babies, and we have 2 more litters left with this beautiful girl.  

Date of Birth: 3/1/18

Breed: Australian Labradoodle - AL

Colour - Chocolate Phantom/ Parchment 

Coat - Fleece

Size - Medium

Health Test Results: 

PennHIP - 0.46, 0.42

AVA Hips - 2+2=4   AVA Elbows - 0+0

DNA:  All Clear


ROSIE (Rustys Dilkara)>> Retired 2017

Rosie is a pure delight.   She has a soft wavy fleece coat in a cream colour with stunning dark eyes and nose pigmentations.   She is our smallest breeding girl and will produce miniature puppies.    We love when she comes to visit, she is an extension of our family.  Rosie remains with her guardian family after her retirement.   Her son, Kalinas Rio Gold will carry on her bloodline.

Date of Birth: 10/7/2014

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF2

Colour: Bbee - Cream

Coat: Fleece

Size: Miniature, 8 kgs, 15 inches.

HealthTest Results:  Hips AVA Style 3 + 2=5.

PennHIP: 10th Percentile.  L 0.73  R 0.65 

Elbows: 0+0

prcdPRA - Clear/Normal




Rustys Gypsy Lou>>  Retired

Gypsy is a beloved member of Kalina's family and is one of our family members, as is her Dam Lulu (retired Rustys Prima Donna).   She is a fun loving doodle, keen to please and always wants to be part of the action (or inaction).  Like her Dam, Gypsy is quick to read her people's emotions and moods and acts accordingly.  She can lie at your feet for hours, or play fetch with the family, she lives up to the Labradoodle nature and temperament.     Gypsy's daughters carry on her bloodline - Rosie, Lucy and Matilda.                                                                                 


Date of Birth: 21/7/2011                                                                                                                          

Breed: Australian Labradoodle ALF1

Colour: Caramel Cream

Coat: Fleece

Size: Medium (18 inches).  13kg

HealthTest Results:     Hips: AVA style 1+1=2; 

pennHip L 0.37 R 0.30 90th Percentile

Elbows: 0+0;  prcdPRA: Clear A (by parentage)



Rustys Gypsy Lou